Photo Release

By uploading photos of artwork, or photos of myself and my child, I hereby consent to Early Childhood Creative Collaborations (ECCCo) and Junction Creek Stewardship Committee (JCSC) to use, reproduce, copy, exhibit or distribute (full or in part)

These photos will be used for:

  • Presentations designed to share these experiences with teachers/educators, artists and environmentalists.

  • Publications that include articles in educational journals and educational books that describe the project and children’s work. Children may be identified by first name.

  • Exhibition posters that will feature children’s art work and quotes from children, these will appear at bus stops, in store windows for one month; and may be reproduced for other exhibitions.

  • ECCCo website and blog featuring children’s artwork, and photos (of hands and backs-not faces)

  • JCSC for project communications (ex. newsletters, Annual Report)

  • Any of the documentation listed above may be used for reporting to funders, and other grant applications; promotion of ECCCo and JCSC its work (on brochures, postcards or other promotional materials).

I agree that the organization may use the materials with or without my name, for these purposes. ECCCo will use the child’s first name only (if provided) as identification.